Farm to School


Folsom School has a new group dedicated to promoting local, fresh food and learning for students.

The Folsom Education & Community Center Farm to School (FTS) Team is committed to providing students with local, nutrient-dense food choices in the cafeteria, meaningful connections to the land, while cultivating connections between students, farmers and community members. Using food, the greater South Hero Community can become a resource to help each other to live more sustainably, which will benefit our community as a whole. The FTS team will empower students with the knowledge and skills to build healthy connections within the community, think critically, and advocate for justice for everyone at the table.

The Folsom Farm to School Team includes parents, teachers, Folsom Nutrition Program staff and community partners from South Hero Land Trust. They formed less than a year ago and are in the beginning stages of developing a program here at Folsom. Recently the team virtually attended the regional Farm to School Institute at Shelburne Farms to learn FTS strategies, create an action plan and share ideas with other schools in the region. 

Right now the team is working to rebuild the garden at Folsom and integrate the garden into the existing curriculum, incorporate the “Vermont Harvest of the Month” program into the cafeteria, raise funds for FTS projects, and more! 

The Folsom FTS team meets monthly over zoom, and is looking for parents, staff, and community members who are interested in helping get the word out and bring more local food into the school. Email to learn more about the group and get involved.